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Threaded Tribes

Shop unique collectibles, handmade in Ghana, using organic material sourced from across the African continent. Each piece is sustainable, & as unique as the wearer.

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USD 140.98   (change currency)

Made using ‘Fugu’ fabric from the Northern region of Ghana, this cloak was handmade in Accra with love. 

History has it that Fugu was introduced into Ghana by the Moshies who migrated from Burkina Faso and settled in the northern part of the country & the Hausas from northern Nigeria. Women in the North later used the local cotton to make threads, which were woven as Fugu for all genders & people. Fugu means ‘cloth’ in Moshie language. The Dagombas call it Bingba, while people from the south often refer to it as Batakari. 

- Features deep comfortable pockets 
- One-Size-Fits-All*

Care Instructions 
Can be hand washed, machine washed or dry cleaned.

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