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Threaded Tribes

Shop unique collectibles, handmade in Ghana, using organic material sourced from across the African continent. Each piece is sustainable, & as unique as the wearer.

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Panama Red

USD 117.85   (change currency)

This cloak is made using the Bògòlanfini fabric (also known as Mudcloth) from Mali. Each cloak is handmade in Ghana with care & love specially for you. 

Mudcloth is a hand woven Malian cotton fabric. The process of creating mudcloth dates back to the 12th century, each finished cloth telling its own story through symbols, arrangements and colors.

We adhere to extremely high quality standards to ensure each outfit brings complete satisfaction to the wearer. Tiny spaces or pulls at seams where panels are sewn together are a natural part of the fabric, adding a unique charm and distinct personality to the finished product. 

This relatively lightweight piece is unisex & one size. It also features inner strings for closure & deep comfortable pockets. 
Dry clean only or air dry to keep your cloak in good shape.

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