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Threaded Tribes

Shop unique collectibles, handmade in Ghana, using organic material sourced from across the African continent. Each piece is sustainable, & as unique as the wearer.


USD 263.16   (change currency)


Threaded Tribes in collaboration with Ghanaian Artist, Artsoul Kojo • 

Hand-painted Hooded Cloaks also known as Dementor Cloaks. 

All Limited Edition

Artsoul Kojo is a Ghanaian contemporary artist whose art has gained recognition thanks to his endless cast of characters and personalities; these address a broad spectrum of universal and existential philosophies with childlike appeal. His childlike strokes and elementary shapes recall the simple yet complex imaginations of the human psyche, laying bare the limitless possibilities of how one can perceive the world. 

One Size
Dry Clean Only

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