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Brass Goldweight box - Siamese Crocodile

GHS 145.00   (change currency)

"The siamese crocodiles have one stomach yet they fight over food 
when eating". The stomach of the crocodiles is likened to a common 
purpose and goal, as in a democratic governance, where divergent views 
are expressed and well debated to formulate good policies. The principle
 of people 'disagreeing to agree' applies in this sense. This 
symbol signifies the unification of people of different cultural 
settings for achieving common objectives despite their divergent views 
and opinions about the way of life. a brass box good for holding little 
things like earrings & stuff."a rare Ashanti Akan God dust keeper- 
made of brass using the wax technique. The Ashanti Kingdom owed their 
wealth to extraction of gold dust - they would use it in their trade 
with Europeans; they would keep the gold dust inside this boxes wrapped 
in a bit of cloth - sometime the boxes were used as a weight on a scale 
to determine gold amount". a brass goldweight box good for holding 
little things like earrings & stuff.


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